How to serve wine ?

Preparation of bottles

In order to satisfy the buds of your guests, it is recommended to open our wines one hour before tasting.

To open the bottle, it is preferable with the help of a knife or a tool provided for the purpose to cut the capsule at the top of the flange of the bottle for a cosmetic effect.

Remove the plug with a corkscrew suitable, and then go one wipe to clean the neck of the bottle to remove small aluminum parts but also mushrooms which could have been developed previously.


During a meal, it is not impossible that a good wine can be disappointing to taste. To avoid this problem, we recommend to aerate the wine for each flavor to be released. By this action, called the settling or setting carafe, our wines will offer all their potential tastings.
Wine temperature

It is importance to serve wine at the right temperature. Indeed, hot as cold have a direct impact on the wine tasting.

If the temperature is too low, this may have an impact on its acidity, freshness and its precious flavors. To release the power of our wines, we recommend to serve our wines at a temperature between 16 and 18°C
Storage conditions

To keep our wines in the best conditions, it is important to keep them in a horizontal position to prevent drying of the cap in a dark, odorless environment with high humidity (70-75%) and above a temperature of around 12°C in winter and summer.

We wish you a very good tasting.

Food matching

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